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Instructions for making a felt keychain

Draw a heart on paper of three different sizes. It may be the way you like it most like a flower

Draw on felt of different colors the 3 figures with the help of paper patterns. Mark the contour of the larger heart twice
Cut out the felt with the help of scissors

Sew the median figure over the large one, trying to make it centered, using colored thread to mark the outline.Sew the small figure over the median. Sew the back of the keychain leaving a hole without sewing
Insert the pillow filling through the hole until the key ring reaches the desired volume. Close the key ring by sewing the entire contour
Sew the ring to the heart by introducing beads of different colors


Place on the table the polymeric mass (without oven) of green color and on it the keychain mold
Trim according to the shape of the mold. Knead a little white polymetric dough to shape the football shirt of our choice

Place the dough on the edge, from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve, the sleeves and at the base. Put a piece of red dough in the neck
Turn the shirt and put clay on the base, on the sleeves and shape the shirt number. Trim the excess. Trim a clip, roughly half of it. Sink it in the neck like a handle
Give volume to the sleeves and the base with the help of a modeling tool
Allow to dry for at least 4 hours, after that time attach the keychain with the help of a clip


Pass the pen over the mold drawing, that if it has not been very clear
Clear the remains of the pencil. Paint the baby’s drawing with warm tones. Crop the contour
Write a dedication on the back of the drawing.Cover the baby’s drawing with the transparent adhesive. It will be plasticized on both sides.
Trim the edges
Make a hole in the head of the drawing and place the ring of the key ring


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